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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Taxed Enough Already…Not Yet

In pondering the cataclysmic events which have transpired since Obama took office I see a common thread. Everything he stands for, everything he campaigns for, everything he stands up there and lies about point to one thing---taxes. Taxes=money. Money=power. He doesn’t care where the taxes come from; he’s very good at finding crises, the homeless, the entitled, the grifters and the idiots who would stand for him if he wore a clown suit and a fright wig.

So, who gets taxed, besides everyone who manages to grub one cent doing an honest day’s work? The old and infirm. Those lying in nursing waiting to die. Useless. Expendable. Ergo, cut senior care.

The unborn are not taxed. Yet. Useless. Expendable. If Mom doesn’t want the kid, kill it. Ergo, expand abortion spending.

Now, wasn’t that easy?




DeanO said...

Such a sad state of affairs Granny. This individual cares nothing for the unborn the senior and all those in between. Money? What he can't print he'll steal, what he can't steal he'll tax.

Old NFO said...

I don't think we've seen the 'full' scope of the taxes yet... I think they're going to slam a VAT tax through, which will up costs for everything at least 20% if not more... Most European countries have gone with VAT to replace income tax; here, I believe it will be in addition to existing taxes...

Pamela D. Hart said...

I agree with NFO. I think a VAT is coming. All we heard is how great Europe was with their health care. Well now we have to pay for it. And I'm sure "Cap 'n Raid" is soon to follow. This Administration isn't done with us by a long shot.

One of the Moons said...

Amen to all.