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Monday, May 31, 2010

Hardly Qualifies Anyone

Remember this? "I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that's a storybook, man." –Joe Biden, referring to Barack Obama at the beginning of the 2008 Democratic primary campaign, Jan. 31, 2007

Here’s a list of Obama's qualifications, according to our now-Vice President:






For those who would jump all over this and call me—one more time—racist, keep in mind from whose mouth the above quote spewed. All I’m doing is looking at the qualifications.

African-American. First of all, he’s not African-American, but nobody remembers that. He decided to run as an African-American, a brilliant move on the part of his string-pullers, and it resonated with everybody from Blacks to guilt-ridden whites. So it was a good choice. Actually, I’d rather see a real African-American run for president. With the first qualification we hear the first lie.

Articulate: clear, coherent, lucid. In other words, he doesn’t sound like a pair of sneakers in a dryer when he speaks with the aid of a teleprompter. Extemporaneously? Not so much. Which is why most of his speeches are staged. But here’s the really interesting thing. I have spent the past two years, give or take, being force-fed myriad appearances and listening to him ad nauseum and I’ve never been able to pin down just what it is about his speeches that drives me to distraction. An email from a dear friend the other day solved it for me. I’m posting part of it here in hopes that she will forgive me and won’t sue for copyright infringement.

“. . . how is it that speaking in phrases gets him lauded as a great speaker? I find it painful to listen to him and not just because everything he says is a lie. I want to prod him on to the next whole sentence. The libs used to criticize Bush for his speaking; I always found him easy to listen to.”

The truth is he's not the great orator he's cracked up to be, thrill-down-the-leg notwithstanding. But he managed to fool some of the people all of the time, and that's all it took to catapult him into the White House.

Bright. I’m pretty sure Biden meant intelligent, clever, smart, sharp, etc. when he described Obama, although he may have meant vivid, intense, dazzling. I’m not so sure about optimistic, upbeat, or positive. Remember the doom and gloom about the economy resulting in the most expensive stimulus bill ever passed? The one that introduced us to a new word: trillion?

But back to intelligent, clever, smart, sharp. Have we seen any transcripts from any school he ever attended? Maybe “trainable” is a better word; his string-pullers knew a good foil when they saw it.

Clean. Um, I’m not sure where to go with this. I’m not familiar with his bathing habits, I’ve never gotten close enough to smell him, and I think I’d better leave it alone; it’s been drug through the mud enough. But is that a qualification for the presidency? I suppose if you want to keep the White House clean it would be good. But if you want a clean White House, better you take out the pond scum and putrid Chicago garbage he brought along with him, which has been stinking up the place for the past fourteen months, six days and approximately five hours.

Nice-looking. I suppose that goes along with clean. The last time I saw him he didn’t look, sound, or act so nice. He was trying to weasel his administration’s way around the biggest “man-made” disaster in American history. But, like George W. Bush, who also met his Waterloo on the Gulf Coast, there’s no getting away from it. Obama's stunning qualifications didn’t stand up to this event. I’m not sure whose would, but perhaps someone with less arrogance and more humility, less aloofness and more connection with the American people might stand a tad better chance.

If you haven’t already done so, read Peggy Noonan’s editorial, which is far more articulate than this post. Seems she's finally seeing the light, after the sappy, sickening, pro-Obama drivel we were forced to endure from her before the election. So take it with a grain of salt. The editorial is two days old, but I just got to it because I worked all weekend. Remember, I'm a working-class granny, clinging to my guns and my religion.



Tuesday, May 18, 2010

God Save America

Those of you who listen to Christian radio are familiar with Dr. Michael Youssef of Leading the Way. He has asked us to covenant with God and with him in praying for America between July 4th and November 2nd. Here is the video with a button you can click on at the bottom. Please consider this. Thank you.

God bless America



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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Be a Nobody; be a George Hewes

Show me someone who refers to the tea parties as “tea bagging” and I will show you someone who knows nothing about American history. Show me a liberal who says he knows American history and I will show you a fool and a liar. Here is what happened then, and what we are protesting now. The representation we are forced to endure since the liberals took over Congress and Satan’s pawn and his motley horde of pagans began their desecration of the White House is nothing short of appalling.

An Eyewitness Account
of the Boston Tea Party

As Told By George Hewes

On a bright cold moonlit evening on December 16, 1773 a group of sixty colonists boarded three British ships in Boston Harbor. The ships contained a cargo of tea from The East India Company. Although the tea carried a tax that the colonists refused to pay, the Royal Governor of Massachusetts Thomas Hutchinson ordered that the ships should not return to England with their cargo but that the tea be unloaded.

Patriot Sam Adams immediately devised a plan whereby colonists, thinly disguised as Mohawk Indians, boarded the three ships. They broke open all 342 chests of tea and threw them overboard. This episode became a precursor on the road to independence, elevating as it did the most radical patriots in command throughout America.

George Hewes, a Boston shoemaker, was among those who boarded one of the ships dressed as an Indian. Sixty years later, as one of the last surviving members of the Tea Party, he recalled the events of that night and his participation in that historic moment. Author Alfred Young in his book "The Shoemaker and the Tea Party" described Hewes as "a nobody who briefly became a somebody in the Revolution and, for a moment near the end of his life, a hero."

As a participant in the Boston Tea Party, here is George Hewes' eyewitness account of that milestone event in Early America.

"The tea destroyed was contained in three ships, lying near each other at what was called at that time Griffin's wharf, and were surrounded by armed ships of war, the commanders of which had publicly declared that if the rebels, as they were pleased to style the Bostonians, should not withdraw their opposition to the landing of the tea before a certain day, the 17th day of December, 1773, they should on that day force it on shore, under the cover of their cannon's mouth.

"On the day preceding the seventeenth, there was a meeting of the citizens of the county of Suffolk, convened at one of the churches in Boston, for the purpose of consulting on what measures might be considered expedient to prevent the landing of the tea, or secure the people from the collection of the duty. At that meeting a committee was appointed to wait on Governor Hutchinson, and request him to inform them whether he would take any measures to satisfy the people on the object of the meeting. "To the first application of this committee, the Governor told them he would give them a definite answer by five o'clock in the afternoon. At the hour appointed, the committee again repaired to the Governor's house, and on inquiry found he had gone to his country seat at Milton, a distance of about six miles. When the committee returned and informed the meeting of the absence of the Governor, there was a confused murmur among the members, and the meeting was immediately dissolved, many of them crying out, "Let every man do his duty, and be true to his country"; and there was a general huzza for Griffin's wharf.

"It was now evening, and I immediately dressed myself in the costume of an Indian, equipped with a small hatchet, which I and my associates denominated the tomahawk, with which, and a club, after having painted my face and hands with coal dust in the shop of a blacksmith, I repaired to Griffin's wharf, where the ships lay that contained the tea. When I first appeared in the street after being thus disguised, I fell in with many who were dressed, equipped and painted as I was, and who fell in with me and marched in order to the place of our destination.

"When we arrived at the wharf, there were three of our number who assumed an authority to direct our operations, to which we readily submitted. They divided us into three parties, for the purpose of boarding the three ships which contained the tea at the same time. The name of him who commanded the division to which I was assigned was Leonard Pitt. The names of the other commanders I never knew.

"We were immediately ordered by the respective commanders to board all the ships at the same time, which we promptly obeyed. The commander of the division to which I belonged, as soon as we were on board the ship appointed me boatswain, and ordered me to go to the captain and demand of him the keys to the hatches and a dozen candles. I made the demand accordingly, and the captain promptly replied, and delivered the articles; but requested me at the same time to do no damage to the ship or rigging.

"We then were ordered by our commander to open the hatches and take out all the chests of tea and throw them overboard, and we immediately proceeded to execute his orders, first cutting and splitting the chests with our tomahawks, so as thoroughly to expose them to the effects of the water.

In about three hours from the time we went on board, we had thus broken and thrown overboard every tea chest to be found in the ship, while those in the other ships were disposing of the tea in the same way, at the same time. We were surrounded by British armed ships, but no attempt was made to resist us.

"We then quietly retired to our several places of residence, without having any conversation with each other, or taking any measures to discover who were our associates; nor do I recollect of our having had the knowledge of the name of a single individual concerned in that affair, except that of Leonard Pitt, the commander of my division, whom I have mentioned. There appeared to be an understanding that each individual should volunteer his services, keep his own secret, and risk the consequence for himself. No disorder took place during that transaction, and it was observed at that time that the stillest night ensued that Boston had enjoyed for many months.

"During the time we were throwing the tea overboard, there were several attempts made by some of the citizens of Boston and its vicinity to carry off small quantities of it for their family use. To effect that object, they would watch their opportunity to snatch up a handful from the deck, where it became plentifully scattered, and put it into their pockets.

"One Captain O'Connor, whom I well knew, came on board for that purpose, and when he supposed he was not noticed, filled his pockets, and also the lining of his coat. But I had detected him and gave information to the captain of what he was doing. We were ordered to take him into custody, and just as he was stepping from the vessel, I seized him by the skirt of his coat, and in attempting to pull him back, I tore it off; but, springing forward, by a rapid effort he made his escape. He had, however, to run a gauntlet through the crowd upon the wharf nine each one, as he passed, giving him a kick or a stroke.

"Another attempt was made to save a little tea from the ruins of the cargo by a tall, aged man who wore a large cocked hat and white wig, which was fashionable at that time. He had sleightly slipped a little into his pocket, but being detected, they seized him and, taking his hat and wig from his head, threw them, together with the tea, of which they had emptied his pockets, into the water. In consideration of his advanced age, he was permitted to escape, with now and then a slight kick.

"The next morning, after we had cleared the ships of the tea, it was discovered that very considerable quantities of it were floating upon the surface of the water; and to prevent the possibility of any of its being saved for use, a number of small boats were manned by sailors and citizens, who rowed them into those parts of the harbor wherever the tea was visible, and by beating it with oars and paddles so thoroughly drenched it as to render its entire destruction inevitable."

---- George Hewes

People, America needs the nobodies now more than ever. Pick up your flags. Pick up your Bibles. Pick up your copies of the Constitution. Pick up whatever else you think you may need and stand up for what you believe in. Because it’s nobodies like us, who pray and shout and march and stand firm, who will be the somebodies that, with God’s blessing, will take this country back.



Tuesday, May 11, 2010

To Laugh or to Cry?

Bordering on Insanity

If you cross the North Korean border illegally you get 12 years hard labor.
If you cross the Iranian border illegally you are detained indefinitely.
If you cross the Afghan border illegally, you get shot.
If you cross the Saudi Arabian border illegally you will be jailed.
If you cross the Chinese border illegally you may never be heard from again.
If you cross the Venezuelan border illegally you will be branded a spy and your fate will be sealed.
If you cross the Cuban border illegally you will be thrown into political prison to rot.
If you cross the U.S. border illegally you get:

• a job,

• a drivers license,

• social security card,

• welfare,

• food stamps,

• credit cards,

• subsidized rent or a loan to buy a house,

• free education,

• free health care,

• a lobbyist in washington

• billions of dollars worth of public documents printed in your language

• the right to carry your country's flag while you protest that you don't get enough respect

• and, in many instances, you can vote.

From Patriot Humor. I can't think for myself anymore so I have to borrow stuff.



Wednesday, May 5, 2010

In Case it Matters

Cecil does it so much better than I do. He can sit day after day and write and write and write and he doesn’t get all bent out of shape. I, on the other hand, have been physically sick since shortly before the 2008 election. After my most recent episode I have decided that nothing is worth my mental and physical health, least of all Barackalmighty. I can still keep up with what’s going on; it’s hard to avoid. But Granny is digging herself an early grave with that pitchfork.

So, after much prayer and a serious talk with Cec, I’ve decided to take a break. I’ll continue blogging, but it will be more Christian oriented, which is probably where I should have been in the first place. But that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? And that’s what is tearing us apart: the fact that our heritage, as well as our future, is being ripped out of our hands.

I thought of starting another blog, but I have too much time invested in Granny, and I’m very attached to the few followers I have. You stick by me, and I would hate to lose you. So Granny will stay up, and I’ll probably have an occasional irresistible urge to type something political at some point in time. I just can’t do it for a day or two. Or a week or two. I spent the past few days reading up on modest clothing for women and I didn’t suffer from one single heart palpitation or attack of indigestion. How refreshing.

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. (Philippians 4:8 KJV)

Thank you for all your support.

God bless