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Friday, August 7, 2009

The AARP—Not Our Friend

Cecil has hated the AARP since I've known him, probably even before that. Since it didn't become my issue until much later than it became his I wasn't particularly concerned. Lately, though (perhaps because I get mail from them at least five days out of six) I have started paying more attention. Actually, I guess my interest began last year sometime when they started singing the praises of the hope and change guy from Chicago. That did it for me. But hey, everyone's entitled to his opinion. However, that didn't mean I had to be a member of AARP by default. I always wondered about the presumptuousness of the organization. You're fifty, therefore you're in. Not so fast. First of all, why don't they stop with all the tree-intensive mailings? One offer should suffice. Either I join or I don't.

Secondly, they are supposed to be working for seniors. You know, discounts, insurance, freebies, services. A real advocate for us old people. Now, however, they've joined the parade that marches for Obamacare. Not with my membership fees. On July 28th our president attended a town hall meeting about his health care plan and here is the transcript. With his typical slick-tongued technique, he made it all seem like a really wonderful idea—just like the stimulus package. If you go to the link you can probably find a You Tube version.

Finally, here is a fascinating editorial by Mark Tapscott, one of my favorite "opiners". It explains a lot about the Washington connection, which is the case in so many huge "service" organizations. The only thing not toxic about our nation's captiol is its monuments. Be sure and read the comments, too. The comments are the pulse of America. Thank God for what's left of the Constitution.

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