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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fort Hood—The Diversion

The timing is too perfect. “Never let a crisis go to waste.” For the next several days Fort Hood will occupy every TV screen, every talk radio show, every Internet news source, and every cell phone conversation. Americans are easily distracted.

Before you accuse me of just having acquired a brand new tinfoil hat think about this: What is this administration’s favorite strategy for slipping a BIG DEAL through right under our noses? Distraction.

So, while you’re glued to your TVs and computers this weekend, watching the drama unfold at Fort Hood, who does not deserve this, please keep the bigger picture in mind. Coincidence? Who knows? But I don’t trust the denizens of the darkness in Washington any more than I trust a rabid dog not to bite.

Planned? Who knows? But I wouldn’t put it past any of them. A small price to pay for successfully ramming a vile, obscene healthcare bill down our throats.




Donald Borsch Jr. said...


Wow. You definitely put yourself on the line with this post. I guarantee a lot of folks will disagree with you, but so be it.

We do still have Freedom of Speech, don't we?

Time will tell if your words hold any water or not.

In the meantime I know we can agree to simply lift up those affected by this tragedy for healing and comfort.

One of the Moons said...

Cec and I had one of those "ohmygosh" moments so we both scrambled to our computers. I slap-dashed a bunch of words together while he composed a scholarly, well-thought-out work. The point is we want to get the word out and get people thinking.