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Thursday, January 21, 2010

It Never Ends

There are two things that really annoy me through this whole political travesty: One is my continued surprise at his continued arrogance no matter what transpires. The other is his continued arrogance no matter what transpires. I have a mental picture of the torches and pitchforks and the burning castle. As he goes up in a cloud of acrid smoke, he’s shouting, “Don’t I smell wonderful as I burn? It’s all Bush’s fault!"

He actually had the audacity—and I’m sorry, I run out of descriptive words—to say (paraphrasing) that the anger that swept Brown into office is the same anger that swept him into office, and that it goes back eight years. What??? Let me get this straight. The citizens of Massachusetts are angry at Bush so they elected a Republican senator.

Mr. President, get over Bush. The past eight years include last year, and that, my friend, was all yours. Since the entire universe is about you, let me validate this particular statement. LAST YEAR WAS ALL ABOUT YOU.

So, while the Democrats are setting world records for frenzy, the successor to the world class swimmer is going to Washington, hopefully to lend an air of sanity and credibility to the beleaguered city. No one knows what will happen, and the pundits, bloggers, and blowhards on both ends of the political spectrum have enough silage keep them busy until the next big news yarn comes along.

God bless America




Old NFO said...

Good post Granny! :-)

Fredd said...

Granny, it was just a matter of time before this guy finally got himself a track record. A bad track record, from the looks of the past year. Remember, this guy's track record is a track record of having no track record.

Say THAT three times fast.