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Sunday, January 3, 2010

I Guess it Depends on the Meaning of the Term “Smoking Gun”

In an attempt to be as accurate as possible I actually looked up “Smoking Gun” and found the definition: indisputable evidence. I know that every blogger in the universe has something to say about this, but I’ve been steaming all day and I’m simply going to refer those of you who are not familiar with it to RBO which will refer you to Brenda Elliot, both of whom have a real handle on it.

Let me just add, what did Deputy National Security Adviser John Brennan mean by “no smoking gun?” The fact that Umar Abdulmatallab’s father ‘s statement—to the American Embassy in Nigeria— held no credibility? Or that young Mr. Abdulmatallab’s association with Yemen meant nothing? (By the way, I hate that names like these are becoming household words.) The Keystone Cops and the Three Stooges would have done better! Oh, I forgot, two of the Three Stooges are already busy with the healthcare bill.

There’s no point in kicking the cash for the airline ticket and NO CHECKED LUGGAGE dead horse. It’s all water under the bridge and our president doesn’t give a hoot anyway. No smoking gun? How about smoking underwear? Does that have any meaning for you, Mr. Deputy National Security Adviser? How about a planeload of people meeting a fiery death because our hapless Director of Homeland Security doesn‘t know what the hell she‘s doing any more than our POTUS does? What’s it going to take?

My big resolution was that I would leave all my sarcasm and name-calling in 2009 and with the left-wing people. They’re better at it anyway because their vocabularies are limited. And yet . . . 2010 is going to be a long year. Heck, it's been a long year already. It must be nearly election day.



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Old NFO said...

Granny, they're smoking 'something' over there, just not sure what... Ignorance is bliss is apparently their watchword too!

@#%^& ridiculous...