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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hey, Wikipedia Editors! You Need a Floor Jack

Getting a little eager, aren’t you? Imagine that. Declaring Rush Limbaugh dead. IN YOUR WILDEST DREAMS, you left-leaning, liberal, lunatic lapdogs. Get yourselves some semblance of a life. Don’t you get tired of being inaccurate 99.9% of the time?

I think, if you put your dunce thinking caps on you might be able to straighten out some of the lies in this link. Oh, I forgot. That’s your M.O.—lie when the truth would do better.

Thank God (that’s who’s in control of the universe, including you, whether you like it or not) there’s Conservapedia. A little sanity is always refreshing. But you wouldn’t know, would you? When they handed out sanity you thought they said “Vanity” (2 Peter 2:18) and that certainly worked for you.

Happy New Year



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Old NFO said...

Ah... dead on point Granny :-) Gotta remember ANYONE can add to Wiki without ANY crosschecking :-(