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Monday, February 15, 2010

Just Some Ramblings

At first blush this will appear to be about the most politically incorrect post I’ve put up. But, ya know what? I really don’t give a rip. It’s been eating away at me for years and now that I have my own blog I can pretty much say what I want. For now. That may change. And as I've said before, political correctness will blow us all to kingdom come.

When I was a kid we celebrated George Washington’s Birthday. It was a holiday. We got off school because it was a BIG DEAL. And we celebrated Lincoln’s Birthday. It, too, was a holiday. We got off school. It was a BIG DEAL. Now we celebrate Presidents Day. Or is it President’s Day? If so, which president? Or is it Presidents’ Day? That would be sort of an all purpose day celebrating all presidents, some of whom don’t and didn’t even deserve to be called by the name. So who, besides retail merchants, actually celebrates this day? I suppose President Obama can celebrate it because, after all, it puts him in the spotlight (again), and God knows that’s where he needs to be. The truth is, it’s been so long since it was changed to Presidents Day, hardly anyone knows what the heck it signifies—the observance of two of our greatest presidents.

In some states Washington and Lincoln, and all the other presidents have been thrown together like a miscellaneous box of used stuff at an auction sale. But Martin Luther King, Jr., now he gets his own day. Why? Did he put this country together when it could well have fallen apart? Nope. Did he free the slaves? Don’t think so. Now, I know he “did a lot of good.” But so did Ronald Reagan, who was instrumental in making MLK Day a national holiday. You’ll notice Reagan doesn’t have his own holiday. Well, heck, he was only responsible for stopping the cold war. No biggee.

Before you left wing, brain dead, politically correct nut jobs start coming out from under your rocks, let it be known that I would object to any private citizen having his own holiday. However, if there were to be a holiday celebrating a private citizen I would vote for Crispus Attucks Day. Google him for yourself and then attack me.

While you’re ruminating on this watch this video. It might help to clear your mind.




Old NFO said...

Good points Granny, and I'm not EVEN going down the road of all those that have their 'special' weeks/months of history and this and that celebrations... sigh...

Fredd said...

It it were up to me to devote a day to the private citizen who contributed the most to our way of life, it would be Henry Ford.

Without the affordable automobile, we would still be knee deep in horse, uh, stuff.