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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Why is this Guy in the White House?

Among documentation which has not come forth for Obama:

1. Kindergarten Record
2. Punahou school records
3. Occidental College records
4. Columbia University records
5. Columbia thesis
6. Harvard Law School records
7. Harvard Law Review articles
8. scholarly articles from the University of Chicago
9. passport
10. medical records
11. files from his years as an Illinois state senator
12. his Illinois State Bar Association records
13. any baptism records
14. his adoption records

I took this off World Net Daily and put it in list form so we could better see what it entails. It’s a pretty impressive list. Notice it doesn’t include the birth certificate. I will admit there are items on the list that I couldn’t come up with, but I’m not running for POTUS. I’m not even running for dogcatcher, but I can guarantee if I were to run for anything I would be required to produce at least four of these items. 

Cec got his driver’s license renewal notification the other day. Item number One is the following: NAME, DATE OF BIRTH, PLACE OF BIRTH—U.S. Citizen—One of the following:

U.S. Birth Certificate (certified with an embossed, stamped or raised seal issued by a state or local government)

U.S. Military Identification Card or Discharge Papers accompanied by a copy of U.S. Birth Certificate (issued by state or local government)

U.S. Certificate of Citizenship/Naturalization/Birth Abroad

U.S. Passport (valid or expired)

That’s just for a driver’s license. Think about it.

One comment before I end. Number "8" in the above list: scholarly articles from the University of Chicago—missing. Reason: He’s not a scholar. Any Commander-in-Chief who would pronounce “Corpsman” “Corpseman” should go straight to the back of the class. Or back where he came from. Or maybe straight to hell.



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Old NFO said...

And I really doubt we will EVER see those records... ChiTown politics at it's best... sigh