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Courage does not always shout . . . Sometimes it is a very quiet voice at the end of the day saying . . . I will try again tomorrow.

Rev 22:20 "Amen. Come, Lord Jesus!"

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

God Save America

Dr. Michael Youssef of Leading the Way is conducting a ministry dedicated to daily prayer of thousands of people for God to save the United States from tyrants and those who would destroy her. This is not to take the place of the fervent prayers we’ve been offering. It’s simply a focus on daily prayer between July 4th and November 2nd for an awakening in America. It’s not too late to sign up. You’ll receive a journal that will guide you in this endeavor as well as encouragement from Michael and the knowledge that tens of thousands are out there joining with you in imploring God to help us take back our country. Please join him, and me, in this desperate time, before we lose all that our forefathers died for. If you have any question about what those men did go to Charters of Freedom and read a little—or a lot.

Thank you


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