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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Junk Panic!

Today I was Googling the achievements of our pino (president in name only) with a completely open mind. I stumbled across an article in Esquire, which should tell you a lot. After reading a stellar effort by a progressive—or was he Marxist?—I reached a not-so-original conclusion: they are incapable of pointing out even one weakness or flaw in the present leader of the freak show without somehow dragging George W. Bush into it. I soon grew weary of the Obama-Bush act so I drifted on over to American Thinker where I found this article by Hoss Varad. Revisiting Cloward-Piven always gives me a reason to believe we’re doomed so I didn’t linger over the article. Instead I clicked on the link to Mr. Varad’s blog, Junk Panic! It’s well worth looking at if you need to have a grin on this rainy Independence Day weekend. How many still call it Independence Day? Has it been banned yet?

I’m really jealous of the guy who dreamed up Obama: One Big-Ass Mistake, America as his username.

Have a wonderful weekend, keeping in mind that it may be one of our last celebrations where we're allowed to remember our founding fathers and what they stood for.



P.S. Don’t drink any Kool Aid.


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Old NFO said...

Happy 4th to you and yours Granny! We celebrated in truly American fashion; burgers, dogs and watermelon! :-)