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Monday, June 28, 2010

More Dust Under the Bus

When I read about General McChrystal's impending retirement I cried. The whole fiasco was so unnecessary. Yes, he showed poor judgment. No, he should never have allowed a Rolling Stone reporter near him or near any of his staff. Yes, he should have screened the article before it was published. But above all, he never should have apologized for telling the truth.

Having said that, and knowing how McChrystal voted in the 2007 election, I guess I can rejoice that he finally saw the light. Too bad he didn’t see what was right in front of him before the election. But it’s too bad, also, that the rest of the Obama voters didn’t see it before the fact. Now we’re stuck with a thin-skinned, henpecked, incompetent who never served one second in the military, and who wouldn’t know a battle plan from a boomerang.

Cec says maybe it was the only way he (McChrystal) could get out gracefully. Personally, I didn’t think it was so bloody graceful. But everything our pres. has been involved in since that black day in January, 2008, has been pathetically bumbling. Bumbling is fine for a cartoon character; but shouldn’t the Commander-in Chief of the United States of America have some modicum of class? No, I guess not. After all, his pals are a bunch of Chicago thugs; he was dragged off the streets and whipped into something resembling a human being at the time that America was ripe for “change”. George Soros did his work well. He’s always done well when it comes to bulldozing entire countries and regimes.

Back to General McChrystal. It’s not like he can’t get a job. But he doesn’t really need one. I’ll purchase and read his book, as will thousands of other patriotic Americans. And Pres. Sorobama can go back to kicking people under the nearest bus. God help us.



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Old NFO said...

"he should never have allowed a Rolling Stone reporter near him or near any of his staff. "

Yep, and it bit him and the staff in the butt... I've been told "most, if not all" of the comments in the article were actually off the record...