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Friday, June 11, 2010

It Depends on Which Pot and Whose Kettle

Susan Estrich is not someone I read on a regular basis, because I know which way she leans and nothing she says surprises me. But the title of her latest commentary intrigued me. I spotted it on Rasmussen and clicked on it. The Value of Experience. Aha, I thought. She’s on to Obama and his disastrous presidency. Wrong guess. It was pretty much business as usual: a snotty, snarky comparison of the winners of the Tuesday election versus “career” politicians. Using William Safire’s analogy about not hiring an inexperienced plumber, she proceeded to excoriate Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman for referring to career politicians.

I fail to see the big deal or the big gaffe in that statement, especially since it’s accurate. Career politicians who have been around the block several times have a tendency to forget just where in the world they left their platform way back when. Kind of like doctors. The fresh-faced guy or gal just out of med school is still retaining what old MDs have long since forgotten.

Then there’s the matter of the “hot” mike. This one is a two-edged sword. Here’s the quote from Estrich: “On her first day as the Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate in California, Carly Fiorina forgot lesson No. One: Always assume the mike is hot." Fiorina mentioned Boxer’s hair being so “yesterday” over a live mike. Well, isn’t that a shock. At least she assumed it was turned off. Remember when every left-wing blogger and media source in the universe blathered about Sarah Palin’s hair as well as every other millimeter of her body in front of the whole world? Goodness, silly me, I forgot about that pesky double standard.

And speaking of experience, didn’t a certain lady, a member of the White House press corps since Estrich was still being potty trained, very recently and suddenly “retire” because all of her experience couldn’t buy her an excuse for what she said over a hot mike? Experience, huh? Granted, Helen Thomas wasn’t running for office; she was just running her mouth. But experience has very little to do with some things. Something the lft has never "gotten" is that integrity counts.

Estrich also reminds us that “winning debates, scoring points against your rival – that’s tough, but not nearly as tough as getting things done once you’re in office.” Yeah, Susan, we know all about winning debates and scoring points against your opponent. That’s what our present hapless-in-chief did, and just see where we are now. The most inexperienced at anything president we’ve ever had and you’re busy with your petty little criticisms against people with far more history and integrity than our community organizing, narcissistic, out-to-lunch president.

Maybe you’d rather have a plumber with experience, but it seems to me we’ve been victims of the Washington Roto-Rooter pretty much on a daily basis for seventeen months. Apparently our fearless leader doesn’t need experience for that.

Here’s her commentary for your perusal and/or edification.



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Old NFO said...

Yee Gods... She's spouting the party line, just like always... Remember, the last four letters of American is ICAN, Republican is ICAN, Democrat is C-RAT...

Vote em all out in Nov.