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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Israel Isn’t the Bad Guy Here

The following article by Craig Chamberlain, from The Land of the Free.net,  is the most coherent analysis I have yet seen of the Israeli “attack” against the poor, defenseless flotilla transporting humanitarian supplies to Gaza. From the stories you hear in the MSM, the Israelis are a bunch of bloodthirsty goons, ready to kill and eat newborn babies at any given signal.

Unfortunately, most Americans who still listen to CNN, MSNBC, and read USA Today and The New York Times, Reuters, etc., never go beyond the propaganda spewed out by the left. But, unfortunately too, they still think the government is our friend.

In the following article, Chamberlain lays out the truth about Islam, the Middle East, and the warped mindset of America and Europe.



"The Unspeakable Turk Strikes Again

By: Craig Chamberlain

In the history of the world most peoples, sadly, have, in their past, a history of violence and death. Most peoples, though, have moved on from that. The Germans, no longer have concentration camps, Rwanda is working towards reconciliation after the genocide of 1994 and the U.S. fought a civil war to end slavery. Most look to such past barbarisms with a sense of shame. The Turks are an exception to that rule. Not only have they lived their entire history as bloodthirsty marauders who murdered, pillaged and raped wherever they went, they glory in their actions on the one hand, while denying any wrongdoing on their part with the other. Try getting them to confess to the Armenian genocide of 1915, and you’ll get some vague words about tragedies during that time. What they’re really saying is that, yes they did it and those Armenian dogs deserved it.

And these are the same people who have the chutzpah to criticize Israel for a “genocide” against the Palestinians. They condemn Israel for it’s “occupation” of “Palestine” and for their brutality. Ok, let’s set the record straight. The Israeli’s have never committed a genocide. Remember the “genocide” of Jenin? Yes, in April of 2002 those bloodthirsty Israelis ran wild over the city and massacred the city’s population. At least that’s what the Islamic world and their leftist allies would have you believe. In reality 53 people died when the IDF went in to deal with militants who had taken over the area. That’s a hell of a genocide.

And what about the poor suffering people of the Gaza strip? Well, the last time I checked Israel wasn’t in control of Gaza anymore. There is not one Israeli soldier, or settler, anywhere in the territory. In all truthfulness, someone is Gaza is more likely to be killed by their Hamas overlords than they are by the IDF.

The Turks, on the other hand, have turned genocide and ethnic cleansing to an art form. Aside from the Armenian genocide of 1915, they spent centuries, during the height of their empire, doing everything they could to wipe out the Christian populations of the Balkans. And what about the occupation of Cyprus? Israel has left Gaza and would leave the West Bank if they could do so safely. Turkey, on the other hand has been in control of a portion of Cyprus since 1974, drove thousands of Greek Cypriots from their homes. Where’s the outrage for that?

Why do I bring all of this up? What does this have to do with the current situation in the Middle East? It goes to credibility. The Turks don’t have any. When you spend centuries conquering, slaughtering, and wiping out anyone who stands in your way, you don’t have the right to scream genocide, or massacre, when a nation under constant attack decides to engage in an act of self defense.

The self styled “peace activists” were certainly well armed, well trained, and fully ready for the Israeli raid, and all too eager to use violence. If all they were doing were taking humanitarian supplies to the people of Gaza why were they so quick to turn violent? These “activists” were sent by the orders of Ankara and that filthy swine Erdogan. Erdogan(who I have said time and time again is nothing more than Bin Laden in a business suit) is all too eager to export his Islamist ideals and to pick a fight with Israel, which all Islamists( Erdogan included) believe has to be destroyed.

Sadly, Israel fell for the trap. The Islamic world knows that it can’t win a conventional war against Israel. It’s tried and failed. They don’t want a replay of the 1967 war. So they use terrorism, and public relations. The poor defenseless Muslims, who are struggling righteously to overthrow the cruel yoke of Israel. And typically the left in Europe, and America, have bought into that narrative. The European left is desperate to maintain good relations with the Arab world because of the large Muslim populations in their own countries, while the American left does it just because they hate Jews.

Turkey now has a causus belli to launch an attack on Israel. It’s not clear whether Erdogan will do it, yet. Israel is in the right but the world insists it is in the wrong. We see our own government side with dictatorships, terrorists, and nations that really have committed genocide, while scolding, and pushing around a democracy and a natural ally.

Peace in the Middle East will never come easy, but it will not be worth it if we throw Israel under the bus for defending itself. The U.S. and Israel are at war with the same enemy. How can we justify our attacks on Islamic militants, while condemning Israel attempts to fight the same war?

If there is any country in the Middle East that is a threat to peace in the region it is Turkey. Turkey, under that terrorist Prime Minister, has overthrown the secular republicanism of Ataturk and embraced the Islamist terrorism of Iran. Given its history of past genocides, and current occupations, it’s the unspeakable Turk that can bring about a Middle East war."

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Good one Granny- for your real news, check the Brit media, they have pretty good coverage...