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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Does This Burqa Make Me Look Fat?

Any fool who says Sharia Law hasn’t already ensconced itself in America has his head firmly implanted where the sun never shines. For those of you who haven’t seen these videos (for whatever reason I can’t imagine) here is what is going on in Dearborn, Michigan. You remember Michigan, home of Detroit, the result of the far left gone amok. Now, I understand that Islamists have every right to exercise their religious beliefs. Look at 9/11. However, apparently that means Christians do not have a right to exercise theirs. Just a year ago I would have bet that Sharia Law would not creep in soon enough to apply to me and my loved ones. Now I am not so sure. And, at the rate it seems to be coming, I see our children and grandchildren not only saddled with staggering taxes, but trying to pay them while wearing burqas and turbans

One of the headlines on my homepage this morning read: Panel Vote Could Clear Way for Ground Zero Mosque. The writers of the article pointed out that the panel was simply voting on whether or not to demolish an old building that has ceased to qualify as a landmark. If it is torn down, the mosque people would have their spot for a center for “moderate” Muslim Voices. Does this stink or what?

Just to prove that Satan never sleeps, while I was doing something else for a couple of hours today the panel voted unanimously to demolish the building. Now the headline says 

New York City Panel Clears Way for Mosque Near Ground Zero

Daisy Khan, executive director of the American Society for Muslim Advancement said they want to “repair the breach and be at the front and center to start the healing.” Let me tell you something, Ms Khan: The healing is not going to come from a mosque or from Muslim advancement. And there are those of us who remember the horror of 9/11, and have witnessed what has transpired since the vile, bottom feeding, foreign-born minion of Satan slithered his way from the cesspool of Chicago into the oval office. There are those of us who uphold the sanctity and truth of the United States Constitution. We will never give in to this kind of hope and change. Our country diminishes day by day. I only hope the values that we hold so dear do not get swept away in the metastisis of progressivism.




Old NFO said...

But...but... we HAVE to allow it in the name of "religious freedom"; now all you Baptists shut up and sit down... sigh...

Fredd said...

Don't worry, Granny.

That mosque is never going to be built. Regardless of the shennanigans on the left.