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Courage does not always shout . . . Sometimes it is a very quiet voice at the end of the day saying . . . I will try again tomorrow.

Rev 22:20 "Amen. Come, Lord Jesus!"

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Darkness

Yesterday was not a shining example of domestic tranquility. I'd put in four straight days of nursing home prattle—residents and staff—;on my feet passing meds for nine hours per day; too sore to move; a DON who makes Nurse Ratchet look like Cherry Ames. Then home to a dial-up internet, raging headache and THE WORLD.

Around noon I had a meltdown and swept everything off my desk onto the floor. Except my computer. I considered shooting it but already had enough of a mess. After cleaning that up I walked the dogs, put up Cecil's blog posts plus one of my own and took a nap. Not a particularly productive day. I chalked it up to a bad weekend.

Today Cec showed me this which he found on Sondra K. Yes! That's it! That's what's wrong! I'm not the only one!

Then I was googling around trying to make some sort of sense of what is going on around us when I stumbled upon this—again, from American Thinker—I love recovering liberals. OBAMA TRAUMA!!

Robin from Berkley uses the term "heebie-jeebies" in one of her recent articles. I believe that was what was afflicting me yesterday. Now, if it would only go away.

Tomorrow I'll try to relate what happened when a dear friend read in my yesterday's post that I would kill or die for my country. I think he believes I am now on somebody's list. Hmmm



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