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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

If We Don't Start Paying Attention

The 9/12 rally came and went. It was wonderful. It was inspiring. I'm proud to be the wife of one of the participants. Never mind that the MSM completely ignored it. (They ignored the Call to Prayer on 9/25, too. Try finding something about it on Google.)

President Obama and his handlers also ignored the 9/12 march. So what? I pray there will come a time when they can't ignore us. I pray we don't lose our momentum. There is a huge contingent of sane conservatives out here, determined to defend the Constitution at any cost. By "any cost" I speak of those of us who won't be intimidated anymore. We have lived most of our lives and we are looking to our children and grandchildren to carry on the values, morals and truths set forth by the Constitution. I for one will gladly sacrifice my life for the Constitution and the country and the God-given ringts it protects, just as thousands have done for hundreds of years. I'm not being dramatic. I've had a good life. I would gladly go up against the forces that are determined to destroy our country. The Michael Moores, the George Soroses, the Hollywood types, most of Congress, and, of course, our president, who hates America and doesn't mind telling us. Yes, God help me, I would kill or die for my country.

Let us now turn to Honduras. Remember Honduras, who successfully ousted their president, who was trying to skirt around their constitution and get himself elected to a third term? The Honduran people said, "Um . . . don't think this is legal" and legally ousted him. It was not a coup, folks, and I think if I see one more reference to the term I shall puke. But every news outlet in the entire universe refers to it as a coup. Our President, who I believe is too stupid to breathe, refers to it as a coup and condemns Honduras for doing that to their president. There's no defense for Honduras, least of all from the United States, who should have been leading the parade for democracy. You've got to wonder why Obama would be so in favor of restoring Zelaya to power. Read this article from the American Thinker and see if it doesn't scare your socks off. Then look at what's going on around us in our own republic and say it couldn't happen here.



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Donald Borsch Jr. said...

I wish I could say it won't ever happen, Granny. This is why I do what I do.