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Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's all About Them

I know the Olympic frenzy is now old news, and he's already won the NPP, and our troops in Afghanistan are still languishing, and the Senate Finance Committee voted for God knows what. But shortly before my accident we received a clipping of this George Will column from a friend in Las Vegas. She had cut it out of the Las Vegas Sun and it sat on my desk until I dragged it out yesterday. Even though it's about their speeches at Copenhagen it's really about all their speeches—particularly his, since he is POTUS and we're stuck with his insufferable self aggrandizement for the next three miserable years. My friend said that maybe they wrote their own speeches because any speech writer worth his salt would avoid the pitfall of using "I" so many times. However, I don't believe the inappropriateness would occur to either one of them even if they pre-read their speeches.



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