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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mope and Change

I don’t like change. I’m not talking about the four seasons, although the agony of waiting for spring to come can be a bit trying. The continued cold, the sloppy slush, or mud, or intermittent ice storms at times make us wish that Al Gore would just go away. To Pluto. Come to think of it, I’ve wished that for a long time.

Nor do I mean the $.27 you get back from your twenty at McDonald’s, for two meals. But hey, that was your choice. You had to have the extra cheese, bacon, fries, and the extra large shake. That’s something you have some control over.

I don’t even mean the change that comes as you get older. When I was young I used to dread being over forty. Or fifty. Or sixty. But I find that as I approach death panel age, I become more philosophical. It happens. There’s absolutely nothing I can do about it. And the comfort is in knowing that it happens to everyone. Mr. Ponce de Leon actually didn’t have it quite right, and I think he also became a senior citizen at some point, before the poisoned arrow got him. To be honest, I have a secret place in my psyche that laughs uproariously at younger people who consider me not quite adequate because I’ve achieved the age of wisdom. I was once where they are. They’ll be here soon enough, and will have to deal with young snots who don’t know their collective asps from a hole in the ground.

No, the change I’m talking about is the folding, spindling, and mutilating of the United States Constitution. Remember the part where it says, “conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal?” Do you have any idea how many members of our government remember that? Do you think Chris Dodd gave it even a fleeting thought when he said we need to take another look at the constitution? WHAT!!! Mr. Dodd, you need to take the first look at the constitution.

“We the people” have been screaming our heads off for months. Actually, years. “We the people” would like to know just where in the constitution it says we should share the wealth, as our Joke-in-Chief suggested to Joe the Plumber, who has more integrity under his fingernails than our closet camel hugger president could ever dream of having. “We the people” gathered by the tens of thousands in Washington DC last September 12th to protest the travesty of a government that is riding roughshod over us with proposed taxes we can never hope to pay, and the Communist news media and the dishonorable administration ignored them.

“We the people” are outraged at the repulsive campaigning of our chief narcissist for a so-called health care bill that is nothing but more socialism and control being force fed to an increasingly edgy population. This is change we don’t need; this is change we don’t like. And this is change we will not endure.

Mr. President, stop standing there with your sleeves rolled up, trying to look like a regular guy, while pointing and screaming at the people who are increasingly angry with you, your Marxist cronies, and your congress. Take a look at what we don't want and don't need, and if you can’t handle it, get out of office and let someone with honor and honesty take over. I don’t need your change.




Dean O said...

"mutilating of the United States Constitution" That's it and that is what makes my blood boil. We have reached that day when evil is good and good evil, great post

Old NFO said...

Good post and I agree 1000%...

Pamela D. Hart said...

Granny: Growing up I was always told to respect my elders. Now that I'm sliding toward that "elderly" side I follow that advice even MORE!

Great blog, Granny. I'm going to blogroll you. More people need to be exposed to your insight.

Storm'n Norm'n said...

My only regret is that you called him, "Mr. President" ...he will forever be Barack Husein Obama, nor more, no less...

One of the Moons said...

Sometimes when I (have to) look at him I say to myself, "I CAN'T BELIEVE HE'S PRESIDENT!"