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Friday, March 19, 2010

Things I’d Rather be Doing

Below is a short list of things I’d prefer to be doing rather than getting busy signals from the fence-sitters in Washington. After trying for a good part of the day (I actually got through to one but then got put on hold interminably) to call reps at random I finally called the White House again. This time I actually asked to speak to THE PRESIDENT instead of just B.O. But the volunteer I talked to assured me she would write down everything I said and see to it that it got to his desk this afternoon. Oh, yeah. So I said things like “political suicide” and “impeachment” with an “unconstitutional” thrown in, which I’m sure impressed her greatly.

So here’s what I’d rather be doing:

Waiting to pass a kidney stone

Having root canal

Explaining to my electric company why I can’t pay my bill

Jumping off a high dive into a basket of broken light bulbs

Being dragged down a cobblestone street naked, tied to the exhaust of a city bus

I hope the guys who are doing the straddling all have jock itch.

God bless America!



1 comment:

Old NFO said...

Oh that is GOOD Granny... I'd add not JUST jock itch, but crabs too! :-)