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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Unjust and Unfounded

The accusations are flying like insects around a corpse. “They” (that would be you and me of right-wing terrorist fame) are getting violent. “They” are shouting the “N” word. “They” are hurling bricks, or stones, or gum wrappers. “They’re” threatening our congressmen and women. They must be stopped.

I don’t know about you but the most violent thing I’ve done lately is set my microwave for 1 hour instead of 1 minute to heat a cup of coffee. That was violent. But it wasn’t aimed at any of the sorry excuses for the people in control of the government, who swore to uphold the Constitution. True, they swear a lot, but they sure as h$%& don’t uphold the Constitution. Here’s a checklist of the minimum standard for any federal law to constitutional, which I found on The Betrayal.

1. It must be within the limited federal powers enumerated in the Constitution

2. It must enjoy the support of the vast majority of “the governed,” from which all federal powers are derived

3. It must not infringe upon the unalienable individual rights of any citizen

4. It must not infringe upon the rights of any state, protected by the Tenth Amendment

5. It must become law by way of legal legitimate legislative process

Well, heck, it doesn’t look like the newly-passed Soetorocare meets any of these, does it? Would someone please tell me why we, the majority of Americans, who vociferously opposed it for months and months, shouldn’t be angry? When did anger become a crime? When did right become wrong? Why is it that the people who shoved this down our throats are the biggest bunch of cowards that ever drew a breath?

If I have to look at that rerun of a tearful Speaker Pelosi talking about how dangerous we are one more time I probably will become violent and blow out the TV screen. Either that or blow my groceries all over my shoes. President Soetoro, Vice President Garbage Mouth, Senators, Congressmen, lend me your ears. Get a grip! We are mad as hell! Deal with it!




Pamela D. Hart said...

Granny: The most violent thing I did was “threaten” my husband’s dog and tell her she was “bad”. She likes to disobey me when he’s not around—it’s all a big game to her. Ugh.

I’m angry too, but I most certainly am not throwing bricks or calling Congress people with terroristic threats. I will blog and I will vote. My voice will be heard, albeit civilly. However, I’d like some PROOF that these recent acts of violence are actually the actions of Right-wingers.

One of the Moons said...

There's no proof, the accusations are unjustified, and the only violence has been perpetrated by the left. They're dying for us to get violent so they can whine some more. I think they were expecting violence and they can't stand it that there wasn't any. Poor babies.



Old NFO said...

Soap Box, Ballot Box, and lastly (and hopefully NOT required) Bullet box... Remember in November and vote them ALL out! HEll, we CAN'T do any worse!