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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Been “Uppity” Since Day One

Van Jones isn’t sorry for calling the Republicans “assholes.” He’s sorry his remarks came back and bit him in his very own butt. The man is still a communist. The man is still anti-America. The man still has the ear of our socialist president. And the man, accompanied by a few dozen other adviczars, will continue to do everything he can to tear down our freedoms, our rights, and our constitution. 

The string of “apologies” that have come from the left since the beginning of this monster mash is enough to make your head explode. Tax Cheat Tim Geitner was sorry as hell about getting caught. Was he sorry he did it? Not on your Great Aunt Fanny’s life. Nancy Pelosi was sorry about saying the CIA misled her. Oh—no, she wasn’t. Sorry. My mistake. Then there was Barack’s big mouth when he blurted out the pronouncement about the "stupidity" of the Cambridge Police Department. He never quite got around to apologizing for that. A beer was supposed to suffice.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that B.O. never apologizes. He’s a wonder at that. In case it got lost in the scramble to promote the Obamacare, here are ten apologies he made in just four months. What a guy.

We mustn’t forget the great white whale of the Senate—Ted Kennedy—who was sorry he took off and left a woman trapped in his submerged car because he was too drunk to do otherwise. That he had to give it a good ten hours before he got around to sharing his problem with someone. Boy, was he sorry! Sorry he screwed up his chance for the presidency. That’s all.

Uppity doesn’t even begin to describe what the likes of Mr. Jones, Ms. Pelosi, and Mr. Obama have become, along with jewels like Mr.Reid, Mr. Dodd, Mr. Frank, Mr. Murtha, heck, most of Congress.

Good word choice, Mr. Jones.



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