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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

President Obama is Breaking the Law

It's a no brainer. If his mouth is moving he's lying. His whole campaign and presidency have been based on lies. But let's face it, everybody lies. Especially politicians. Once we get a handle on the absolute truth that politicians are out for themselves and only themselves—therefore they lie— we can move on from there. But it gets wearisome after awhile, with this president: the bailout, unemployment, Cap and Trade (tax,) healthcare, or lack thereof, Acorn, SEIU, communist advisors, Obama prayers, the indoctrination of children. And now, the massive carbon footprint being left this week by the president and the missus, with the dual trip to Denmark to push for the Olympics in the most corrupt and one of the most unsafe cities in the world. Never mind that the issue of more troops to Afghanistan is being put on the back burner. How much more important is Chicago! I suppose if you owe every thug and Mafia type in the city and they tell you to get your fanny over there and campaign for 2016  maybe it would take some sort of priority.

Now, there's a dirty little secret that more people should pay attention to. But they're not. Here's an article by Ben Shipiro that lays it out. I found the final paragraph particularily interesting:

President Obama campaigned on change. He’s echoing Marx in his embrace of perpetual change. What’s more, he’s abandoning his commitments to transparency and honesty by utilizing base political graft to achieve his permanent revolution.



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pelicanmarsh68 said...

Ouch! Remind me to never make you angry at me.

Nice post, Granny! You are stating what so many of us feel and believe, and it is always refreshing to see Citizen Commentators exercise Free Speech.

Long Live the Republic!