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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Letter to Maxine Waters

Dear Congresswoman Waters

It’s certainly nice of you to inquire about the people who marched on Washington DC last Saturday. I like to see our members of congress concerned about the little people. And the fact that you want to speak to us shows a level of concern that I find touching.

What a shame you couldn’t have been available last weekend. There were those who would have certainly have been more than happy to make your acquaintance and talk to you about our concerns. I have a feeling that it would have been a very productive encounter. However, most of our concerns were right out there in the open for anybody to see, if they took the time and effort to look and listen. Stop the reckless spending, stop putting our children and grandchildren into debt for the next who-knows-how-many generations, stop ramming a socialist healthcare system down our throats. Stop socialist government! Period!

But I hear you were not aware of the event, which really surprises me, considering the effort that was put forth by various people who were anxious about not breaking the law and staying within the parameters of Washington DC regulations. It seems you would have gotten wind of something being afoot, having just come back from your vacation and eager to get on with the business at hand. Perhaps not. I realize how busy you people are trying to railroad the American taxpayers that the real voice of the people would fall on deaf ears.

So you want to talk to “those people.” All approximately 1,000,000 plus? I say go for it. I was not in Washington DC on the 12th of September but my husband was, and he and I are what you might call joined at the hip. So you can “talk” to either one of us, and I’m sure there are any number of the other million or so who would be glad to tell you what’s on their minds. By the way "those people" are patriots. Never forget it.

Let me tell you one thing before you go running off at the mouth again. We are not racist. Repeat after me: we are not racist. Your commander-in-chief is racist. You, Congresswoman, are racist. You and Jimmy Cahtah can sit there and accuse the people who gave up their weekend and a whole bunch of their own hard-earned money to take their voices to YOU—racist. But you lie.

What do you do with the fact that many of us would happily vote for Alan Keyes should he decide to run for president in 2012. (You remember Alan Keyes, the man who got double crossed by Obama and his goons.) Is that racist? The last time I looked Alan Keyes was black. More black than Obama will ever be, but that's neither here not there. Unfortunately the race handle is the only thing you people have to hang you respective hats on, and it won’t work for long. You will begin to listen to the voices of the American voters and taxpayers.

What a shame you weren’t at the rally. You could have talked to any of them. Another missed chance. Day late and a dollar short. Too bad.

God bless America.



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