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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Stay-at-Home Granny

Since I've been trying to keep up with the goings on in our nation's capitol I haven't put up a post in a while. So I'm just going to rant.

The "angry mob" is now gathered in Washington. Cec is in the middle of it and it's a force to be reckoned with. My thought is if those in the hallowed halls don't notice this they do not deserve to be employed by us. We can take care of that in 2010, but what about what happens in the mean time? Government is out of control now. I don't think we have until 2010 to set things right. These people must be stopped. From the top down.

That having been said, Jim Demint just spoke with Fox news. He says there are hundreds of thousands gathered on the mall protesting out-of-control spending, out-of control bailouts, out-of-control ignoring of the American people. He says, "They're informed, they're tired of being lectured to, they've had enough." Jim further says he would like to see the specifics of the healthcare bill. Obama has not seen fit to share it yet. What a snake. He goes from city to city campaigning for Obamacare but he's unwilling to give us the details. Just as when he was running for the presidency. No details: no birth certificate; no college transcripts; no information about his Islamic upbringing.

You go, Joe! You can get your "You Lie" bumper sticker here.

Okay, I'll be watching the March, talking to Cec, emailing Giovani and trying to keep order on the home front (wrangling dogs, cats and weeds.) God bless.



Don't forget, there are thousands and thousands of people gathered all over the country today. We've had enough!

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